We need our Community Support

Sticky Posted by desseloch 5 June 2021 in Announcements

Hello gamers,

today we are here because we need our community support.

As you know we started as very small competition organizer and we would like to ask your support to mantain over 100 tournaments per month ( not bad! We hope you enjoy/enjoied them ).

We’re asking your help to make another step and involve more players and sponsors to continue to make you happy during our competitions.

How can you help us ?
You can support us for free by following these ways:
1. Subscribe on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BRoAcademyLtd
2. Follow us on twitch: http://twitch.tv/broacademy

You can also support us with donations by following these ways:
1. Subscribe to our Twitch channel, if you have prime you can also do it for free http://twitch.tv/broacademy
2. Subscribe on faceit and get access to higher reward, you can do by clicking subscribe on https://bit.ly/FacebrO
3. Buying a support ticket on BRo Academy website at https://daryo89.com/prodotto/i-like-you/ price is 2£
4. Unrestricted support by PayPal at https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=VE4J4HV6CSKWQ

Whatever will be your support we will be greatfull!

Thank you all BRo Academy Ltd Staff