Valorant Premium Events

Posted by Daryo89 9 November 2020 in Tournament

Finally our PREMIUM events for VALORANT are HERE!!!

Double event! VALORANT CUP 5vs5

TWO Valorant tournament with variable prizepool added to the calendar:
15 Nov 2020 @ 16.00 London time
18 Nov 2020 @ 18.00 London Time

How is working variable prizepool? Each team in order to register will pay a small fee. The final prizepool will be the full cost of the fee less the tax paid by challenger mode.

This is just the start, in the next Future we will also insert Free to Play premium events! But now we need your support to push all this competitive world ahead.

We will stream the events but we can not guarantee which match we will stream because we will pick one match per round and of course the FINAL.


Make sure that at least one member of your team is in the Discord. You will be able to speak to an admin directly if you have any questions.

Reporting an Issue

If you have any issues in regards to your opponent or the match you can either use the chat function on your match page or go through the Discord.

Team Requirements

All teams must have 5 players in order to be eligible to play in the tournament. Players are only allowed to play for one (1) team and can not be an active player on one roster and a substitute on another.

Server, Map List, Agents Banned

The server allowed for the tournament are: Frankfurt 1, Frankfurt2, London, Paris The four (4) maps allowed during the Qualifiers are: Bind, Haven, Split and Ascent. Agent banned: NONE


Teams must start the veto process as soon as possible when they find their opponent. This should not take more than ten (10) minutes.

Best of One Veto ( all stage excluded the FINAL)
Team A removes one map.
Team B removes one map.
Team A removes one map.
Team B selects the starting side on the remaining map.

Best of Three Veto (FINAL)
Team A removes one map.
Team B selects the first map.
Team A selects the starting side on the first map and selects the second map.
Team B selects the starting side on the second map

The third map, if required, will be played on the remaining with the sides for each Team on such map to be determined by coin flip.