September… a NEW START

Posted by Daryo89 23 August 2021 in AnnouncementsTournament


Hello Players,

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of you to joining BRo Academy events!

During this month and with the hub running we noticed how we can improve and what we should do to offer you better experience and better rewards. We have noticed a lot of players that maybe for fun maybe because annoyed ruined the game and the experience of other players.

We had to think a lot how to fix this issue as we do not have “admin right” on FaceIT platform and for this reason we had to build and test OUR platform and OUR system to create a good environment for player!

Just to give you a little idea we had over 600 players, 1000 matches and over 700 admin call in only 1 month!

After nearly a month of work here we are!

It is still on beta and we are still working a lot but from today it is possible to register your account on BRo Academy website ( -> account or directly at ), thanks to this little point we will be able to check and allocate you into the correct HUB according to your skills, BUT IS NOT ALL!

To avoid ban evasion, multiaccount, smurfing and all the possible action that can ruin your game we added the VERIFICATION STATUS.

What is verification status?

Basically, we ask a single little payment 3£ (but it is on sale at 1£ until the 1 September) to connect your account to your identity. This payment is ONE OFF and will follow your account forever, not need to pay again in 1 years or 3 years as other platform.

With verified account you will be able to join ALL VALORANT QUEUE and leaderboards, you will be invited to the show match, you will join all the exclusive activities reserved to premium and verified members.

The step to get verified status are:

  1. Register an account on
  2. Activate the account by clicking the link inside the activation email received
  3. Go on our shop and select “Account Verification” or direct link
  4. Complete the order and pay.
  5. In 24/48h we will verify all the information and allocate the verified status on your account in our circuit.


Yes! We made it and to have a better support and history of your support we added a ticket system on our website, you can directly access with your account and our team will be able to reply as planned.

For September we will run a transition period between ticket system and discord. We STRONGLY SUGGEST using discord to call an admin, request a cancellation or setting a result BUT FOR ALL BAN CONTEST YOU WILL NOW REQUEST TO USE OUR TICKET SYSTEM.


We are always looking for staff in several different position, from Moderator to Competition admin, Streamers, Caster, Customer Support and a lot more! If you would like to join and help us running all this beautiful house, please just submit your application at

Talking more about VALORANT:

From September we will rebuild our VALORANT system based on feedback received and analyzed.

But disclamer is a must:

“This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.”

  • DIVISION 3 will be renamed in OPEN, all player can join but now will be required a minimum rank game of SILVER
  • EU Division 2 and EU Division 1 will be removed
  • EU Starter Division -> New entry league, from gold to platinum 1
  • EU Challanger Division -> from platinum 1 to immortal
  • EU Champion Division -> Immortal and radiant
  • EU Legend Division -> Only professional player from ORG and winner of EU Champion Division
  • EU 10 Man Streamers -> Leaderboard dedicated to professional streamers
  • EU Weekly tournament
  • ITA Division 2 -> unchanged, silver to platinum
  • ITA Division 1 -> Platinum to Radiant
  • ITA Streamers -> Leaderboard dedicated to professional streamers
  • ITA Monthly Tournament

All HUB will be adjusted in order to guarantee the specs here declared,  we will work hard to check all players rank but we need to ask to be patient and allow us the time to perform all checks.

Rules will be reviewed like ban time.

  • Check in -> Decreased from 90 sec to 30 sec
  • Joining time -> Decreased from 15 minutes to 10 minutes (aim 5 minutes by December 2021)
  • Pause -> Maximum 5 minutes
  • Round before cancelling-> from 5 to 3.
  • DISCORD IS A MUST; game will not start without be in discord
  • ONLY ENGLISH, even if verified players ONLY English language allowed.


  • EU OPEN: September Sponsor: RAZER & Faceit total prizepool +500£
  • EU Starter: September 50£ (Steam Balance)
  • EU Challanger: September 50£ (Steam Balance)
  • EU Champion Division: September 75£ (Steam Balance)
  • EU Legend Division: September 100£ (Steam Balance)
  • EU 10 Man Streamers: September TBC
  • ITA Division 2 -> September 100£ (Steam Balance)
  • ITA Division 1 -> September Sponsor: Wicked Bunny, HP, S3+, be quiet! & Faceit total prizepool +400£
  • ITA Streamers -> September 100£ (Steam Balance)

We are looking for staff! We need streamer and caster to start casting our tournaments!

Talking more about PUBG:

We will continue to add our tournament on Faceit platform also for September, we are looking for Operational Manager/ Hoster in order to start manual lobby and avoid the minimum requirement of 32 players. Please contact us on and select Other in the position.  Will be great to have a big support to restore one of the most beautiful Battle Royale!

Talking more about CSGO:

We are reviewing the current offer, we will introduce the verification status for the 1vs1 HUB, premium tournament will be reviewed by offering direct prize and not only FACEIT points.

We are looking for staff! We need streamer and caster to start casting our tournaments!

More is coming…

Thank you to all our sponsors and thank you to all

BRo Academy Staff