Result BRo Academy CUP powered by Thermaltake – Qualifier 3

Posted by Daryo89 4 June 2021 in Tournament

Woow here we are going up!

Thank you to joining to the BRo Academy CUP powered by Thermaltake! We would like to say thank you to Thermaltake for sponsoring the prizepool! We love our community and we are happy to offer more!

Speaking about the this third qualifier… wow…. no words, level is going up and we are looking team very well organized and team that played a lot of official competition!!!!

As usual the most important question is ” Who won the Third qualifier?” and we would like to say congratulation to the team WeAreNtCreative
Congratulation for this win! If you wish to discover more about them i would like to suggest to click HERE to see the full roster!

If you want to check the bracket you can click HERE

Talking about the event we have seen a total of 28 teams, single elimination bracket on a BO1 format.

In first round we have seen :

  • Fallen Demon VS Equesferrum => Winner Fallen Demon
  • Gallardo VS Balloons of Goo => Winner Gallardo
  • BEECHEN 2 VS Teamspeak Users => Winner BEECHEN 2
  • WARPCOM AoS VS iBA junior => Winner WARPCOM AoS
  • Future Gaming VS 5COBRA5 => Winner Future Gaming
  • dvious VS FaSin => Winner dvious
  • ReDraGen VS Minkavlerne => Winner ReDraGen
  • JFF VS Elixir => Winner JFF
  • EntryF1re VS Psychopaths => Winner Psychopaths
  • QuesTeam VS uduit => Winner QuesTeam
  • Team Thermalbad VS GeenIdee => Winner Team Thermalbad
  • fantastic five VS Ilita of NSK => Winner fantastic five

All the others team in this round had a BYE but they been allowed to start the second round earlier in order to meet the slot/scheduled time.

In second round we have seen:

  • fantastic five VS klaniknalanik => Winner klaniknalanik
  • ReDraGen VS WeAreNtCreative=> Winner WeAreNtCreative
  • WARPCOM FUME VS Team Thermalbad=> Winner Team Thermalbad
  • Hard2kill VS QuesTeam=> Winner QuesTeam
  • Gallardo VS BEECHEN 2=> Winner BEECHEN 2
  • dvious VS Future Gaming=> Winner Future Gaming
  • JFF VS Psychopaths=> Winner JFF

Third round left no chance for mistake, team were full focus:

  • Team Thermalbad VS klaniknalanik => Winner klaniknalanik
  • Future Gaming VS WeAreNtCreative=> Winner WeAreNtCreative
  • JFF VS QuesTeam => Winner JFF

Fourth round started to present who are the contenders for the BRo Academy CUP and how is difficult as tournament despite the “easy access to it”. Achive the round 5, the final of the qualifier is already a good results at this levels!

  • JFF VS klaniknalanik=> Winner JFF
  • BEECHEN 2 VS WeAreNtCreative=> Winner WeAreNtCreative

Round 5, final stage…. the winner team will access to the final stage of the 16 June 2021 and will fight for the major prize!

The final have seen JFF VS WeAreNtCreative => Winner WeAreNtCreative!

Now WeAreNtCreative can sleep sweet dream waiting for the final stage and chilling in the prize of the single event that we would like to remember that is 14.000 faceit points in total.

Stay tuned and come back in the evening to find here all the list of the Youtube link of the match!

Now there is no time to cry, work on team error and come stronger to the next qualifier. The next date will be 09 June 2021 from 18.30 British Summer Time, 19.30 Central Europe Summer Time.