Result BRo Academy CUP powered by Thermaltake – Final stage

Posted by Daryo89 24 June 2021 in Tournament

Hello beautiful people!

it has been a while from the start of this cup, 6 weeks are gone showing us very beautiful gameplay and very skilled action as team and as individual player!

Please allow me to say a big thank you to the sponsors of this CUP: Thermaltake and FACEIT!

Thank you so much for making this cup real and thank you to give to our players and to us this opportunity!

Now it is the time to speak about the Final Stage and who WON this cup!

The winner of each qualifier is here: Steeltactics winner of first qualifier, from second qualifier there is DS Academy, from third qualifier WeAreNtCreative and from the fourth qualifier the LQnely team.

The Semifinal of this cup is been played on 16 June 2021 from 18.:30 BST and we have seen the team Steeltactics play and win against WeAreNtCreative for the final score of 2-0.

Immediately after we have seen the team LQnely vs DS Academy and team LQnely came out with a strong 2-0.

Unfortunately the time was already late in the night and due to team and due to technical reasons the grand final is been scheduled for the 23 June 2021.

In a week both team worked very hard to prepare this fight and was possible to feel the tension that was in the air.

We started the grand final at 18:30 BST on 23 June 2021 and both the team showed a lot of tension before start!

Map voted are been Mirage, Dust and Ascient.

We started in Mirage where team Steeltactics started in attack side ( terrorist). They been able to have a very good strat and start moving up the score up to 7-2 but after that something was broken inside the team, round after round there were issue in coordination and/or in action and we have seen a lot of “personal action” LQNELY team in the opposite way have managed to get a good cameback moving the match more on psicologycal game compare pure aim and tactics game. In this way Steeltactics have occurres few issue and basically at the end of the first map the team was fully broken.

On the start of second map the team after few discussion have aggreed to give FF, team informed the admin that one player was very toxic inside the team and they were unable to continue to play in that way, they gave the formal apologies and give explication to the managment team and to the opponent team about this decision but they will be unable to play the second match in that way.

STEELTACTICS formalizes their FF and team LQNELY WON THE CUP!

We can only wish to the team Steeltactics that next time they will came with better teamworks because was a very beautiful game that we have seen, more interesting action in qualifier and in semifinal than the grand final.

And now… it is the time!!! Congratulations team LQNELY! You won the first edition of the BRo academy 5vs5 CUP powered by Thermaltake!!!!

Very good road for you in this cup, joining in last qualifier, very strong result and accessing to final stage without any weakness. In semifinal you played really well and accessing to grand final with score of 2-0. Due to internal issue one player changed and used last substitution before the start of grand final but we can say that the result it the important part of each cup!

You have done a very good came back and demonstrate a very good teamwork, never lose the control also when score was very bad. You manage to win the first match with a small difference in point but you done a raw of round win that was impressive!
What else we can say, unlucky for the missing second match but you obtained this win with a very good reaction! Congratulation again and we will see…. Maybe new cup is coming….

Thank you to all to followed the first edition of BRo Academy Cup 5vs5 powered by Thermaltake. And a BIG THANK YOU AGAIN TO OUR SPONSOR THERMALTAKE AND FACEIT!

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