Posted by Daryo89 28 March 2021 in Tournament

Hello Agents, NEW VALORANT HUBS Just landed and will start from 1st April 2021!!!

All the hubs will not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

About the Hubs:

  1. Europe Division 3: Official Language ENGLISH – For all the player that want to join competitive Valorant and have experience out of the ranked mode, can be associated to an OPEN HUB, do not have much requirement and can represent the first step to competitive games. Link to the hub:
  2. Europe Division 2: Official Language ENGLISH – Pay-to-Play rank, here you will find only player dedited to competitive match, people that want to have a high game experience and do not like occasional player or player at first step of the open hub. Usually player that are playing on this hub are very passionate player and reputation is very high. Link to the HUB:
  3. Italian Division 1: Official Language ITALIAN – For Italian Pro player, Hub “invite only” for people that want to achive the higher level possible in this game on national background, You should be at least Immortal in the last 2 season. Your performance will be review on a regular basis, so be active, play well and have FUN! Link to the Hub:
  4. Italian Division 2: Official Language ITALIAN – Open hub for all the Italian player who want join the competitive world but not achieve yet the requirements for the Italian Division 1, It is also a good point where play “ITALIAN ONLY MATCH”Link to the HUB:

How To Join?

Very easy!

  • STEP 1: Join our discord:
  • Step 2: Into the channel #『🎮』game-select react to the message with VALORANT ICON and with the EUROPEAN FLAG.
  • Step 3: Use the channel #『🇪🇺』europe-division or 『🇮🇹』italia-division to chat and arrange the game, you can use the tag @Europe Division in order to send notification to all the player registered to EU competition.
  • Step 4: Create or use your FACEIT ACCOUNT
  • Step 5: go on and click on the hub that you want to join
  • Step 6: click JOIN
  • Step 7: Join queue on FACEIT HUB
  • Step 8: Start to join the channel #『💠』Waiting to play in order to start make the 10 player

    When 10 players arrived into the queue game will start and you get FACEIT notification
  • Step 9: Complete check in to access to the matchroom
  • Step 10: At the end of the Captain pick join into the channel #『💠』NEW TEAM CHANNEL to create your team channel!
  • Step 11: Enjoy the game

In case of issue please use the channel #『🆘』support

More info about The European Division:

The european division is based on total of 4 HUBS: division 3, division 2 and division 1 + division S.

Division 3: is the open, free to play where everybody can play and can start implement their faceit level.
Division 2: will be a pay-to play, in this hub there will be mostly team an player very dedicated to the game, it is a pay to play in order to filter player and create a semi professional league.
Division 1: pay to play, high skilled team, top 5 of each month from the division 2.
Division S: Tier 1 and tier 2 team, team that play international official riot event, only on invitation, The top 3 of division 1 will be invited on this hub in order to give ” a chance to be discovere” by professional team.

We have also activate the tag @Europe Division and @Italian Division on Discord so you can tag to find player and start a game!

What are you waiting for??? Every month new prize and leaderboard alwyas active!