March Calendar is Live! News? YES!

Posted by Daryo89 26 February 2021 in Tournament

Yooooo guys and girls!

Hopefully you enjoyed the February competition and we have seen a lot of new player around and we are very happy of it! Now it is the time to show what we planned for March.

I can already tell you that we would like to do more but we currently focusing our attention on all the competition that are performing better and we are also dealing with publisher to offer you and to all the amatorial and semi professional player a chance to enter in the official circuit. For this reason this month we have re allocated all the prizepool and faceit point.

Maybe somebody of you will be upset for lower prizepool but we do not have a lot of sponsoring so our resurces are limited. If you want invest in us or you want to support our job please do it! It is very easy to do, just contact us to discover the better option available for you.

Now stop talking, it is the time to show the calendar!

New subscription for Streamer in order to promote their channel and obtain the maximum outcome at a very low monthly price

New CS:GO 2vs2 tournament every week reserved to our faceit subscriber and all to our BRo Academy subscribers

Confirmed activities for VALORANT, and added weekly tournament. Monthly CUP and much more is coming…..

Confirmed activities for PUBG but we would like to remember to all our player that in order to start the tournament it require at least 32 player. If this number will not be achieved the tournament will be cancelled by the system. IT IS NOT OUR DECISION.

Confirmed activities for Dota 2 and usual event for CS:GO.


Do you want more? Do you want something different? Feel free to contact us and we will check what we can do.