Who we are

What we do and why

BRo Academy, is more than the usual  e-sport company because, unlike all those currently on the market dedicated to pro players, it wants to give space to those occasional users, to those normal players and/or  simple fans to offer them a series of events, tournaments, leaderboards and anything else dedicated to them based on their level of experience and skills.

But BRo Academy does not want to offer only this, so, we decided to start courses to help our players grow! Yes! Joining us from the standard subscription, you will be followed by our instructors directly recruited from the top Italian/European charts.

A further goal will be to train new and different teams to bring them to the official tournaments!

The company's profits will be reinvested to improve the services offered. The first milestone will be the coverage of the costs incurred so far to allow us to believe even more in the project and its expansion.  The feedback, both positive and negative, will be welcome in order to allow us to solve problems and enhance the experience for all!

Why do we do it?

Because we want to offer open competitions to everyone, in which everyone can approach the world of esport without having to incur high costs or having to travel a lot in oder to participate in a competition. We want to create a network where everyone can find their competition and aspire more and more to the major international competition.

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