General Rules BRo Academy (EN)

Posted by Daryo89 17 August 2020 in Rules

Welcome to the BRo Academy events!

The basic rules are always the same:

  • Minimum age to participate 13 years for all free activities
  • NOT OFFENDE Fairplay will always be appreciated.

General Rules:

Team name, nickname, and team/player logo

The BRo Academy reserves the right to change any name or logo that violates the following principles:

  • Use logos or brand names without official owner authorization.
  • Copy or imitation of official brand
  • Contain discrimination of any kind (incorrect language, nationality, gender, religion, politics, sexual orientation)

Broadcasting and streaming

We appreciate the willingness to share your participation in our events but it is a MUST to request permission by sending emails to and waiting for response. In any case, the stream should be performed with a minimum delay of 10 minutes. This delay is intended to ensure the safety of all participants in the tournament.

Technical issues

  • Each user is responsible for their technical problems of any nature, there is no restart of the match in case of a user disconnecting or crashing the game.
  • In case of disconnect thereuser is allowed to re-use according to the default times of the game.
  • In case of problems of the game operators (Epic games, EA games, Steam, PUBG) making it impossible to match or the entire event the BRo Academy will evaluate the situation by deciding situation by situation the action plan (postcipee match, postponement event, etc…)

Lobby and punctuality

  • All participants in the event are obliged to follow the official information or on the discord channel or on the facebook channel to be updated on any time/day changes for the dispute of each individual round/match.
  • The BRO Academy will post any information in due course and/or in any case will always be available for clarification or information.
  • If a team or individual user will not be in the lobby at the start of the match this will start without that team/user except for different announcement in the section dedicated to the event (example: if a member/team is not in the lobby for the start of the match this will do the same , if all/most users have internet connection stability issues the match will be postponed. Example 2: Official team engaged on two tournaments at the same time, The team captain must contact in time, and therefore not immediately before the match, an admin of the BRo Academy to evaluate the possibilities of a reschedule of the game.)
  • All matches will be played in succession so the team is asked to enter the next lobby as soon as possible.

Toxic Behaviour and SUPPORT
All insult, and toxic behaviour will be evaluate and player/team will be kick from the tournament. ALL SUPPORT IS PROVIDED IN DISCORD by DM DARYO89#8285


Cheat and bug exploitation

Any cheat is categorically prohibited during any BRo Academy event. If used, the player and the entire team will be excluded from the event will also be reported directly to the game broadcaster for the account ban as per their Terms and Conditions.

Betting and collaboration agreements

It is strictly forbidden for anyone (including BRo Academy staff) to bet on tournaments, games or possible event winners. Direct or indirect collaboration agreements are also prohibited by altering normal gameplay. In the event of a breach, the BRo Academy will issue a direct ban on the team and specifically each player on the team.

Award delivery

All prizes will only be delivered on verified accounts.
Exception for all the FaceIT points as prizepool of weekly activities that will be delivered in automatic by the system 24 h after the end and closure of the events.

All participants are invited to provide any feedback to improve activities on the official discord channel of the BRo Academy or by emailing