February Calendar is finally here!

Posted by Daryo89 27 January 2021 in Tournament
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Yooo guys and beautiful ladies!!!!! Our February calendar is finally LIVE!!!!

Lots of news, opportunities, competitions and hubs are here!

Our subscription plan are here also and they give to all players and streamers the opportunity to promote their streaming and their name as brand!

All details and prices of the 4 subscriptions are available at: https://daryo89.com/affiliazione/

What we suggest you :

  • Premium Basic Plan” which is the best option to join the professional world of streaming connect to competive games . Thanks to this plan in fact you can join all free and premium activities on Faceit with a single subscription and you will receive also a full package to promote your streaming like notification on our discord, develop of merch line for free, and access to the premium discord channel that you can use with your subscribers and followers!
  • Premium Advanced Plan” which is a little bit expensive due to the work at the backend and if you would like to buy all the single service included in this plan the price will be double or three times the amount that you pay with this subscription.

Now Speaking about our activities on FACEIT


General disclamer “This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

  • Esport Open Hub: We started regular leaderboards in this hub with a total of over 110K Faceit points!!! But we would like to offer you more so we decided to insert a VALORANT GIFT CARD of 15£ also
  • Esport PRO Hub: You can access ONLY if you win or qualify to the final stage of Official VALORANT competition or if you have a RADIANT Badge that shows 9 win as Radiant in the previous ACT. Applications have to be done on Faceit and we will review ASAP with 1:1 feedback. The prizepool for this hub is 60£ VALORANT GIFT CARD + 15.000 FACEIT POINTS
  • Weekly tournament: Every week we will host a tournament in order to test and “challange” your lineup! The prizepool is 13.500 FACEIT POINTS
  • Monthly event: Every month we will host a premium tournament with 22.000 FACEIT POINTS.


  • Monday 1vs1: New activities dedicated to our addicted players! We decided to keep this tournament for our premium users to avoid cheating, multi account and similar issues that are frequent in 1vs1 .
  • Tuesday 5vs5: Same format stronger than before! Voting time reduced to 1 minute to underline gameplay and not “wasting time”. From February this tournament will have the coach slot always ON and also the map pool has been reviewed!
  • Thursday WINGMAN : We are aware that to find an available slot in this tournament is always a challange, to help new players and to continue to support our community, we increased the slot for this tournament from 32 slots to 64 slots. The prizepool allocated will be reviewed every month, so do not worry and continue to play this fast but beautiful event!
  • Saturday 5vs5: We need to be serious on Saturday! This event has a bigger map pool but it also keep the fast voting time. Substitutions and coach are allowed to prepare yourself and the full team for the Official Competitions! You can try your level here before register to the Higher events!
  • HUB 1vs1: We host the tournament on Monday but…. is it worth a subscription only for 4 events per month? Well if you play more titles the answer is already yes! But for people that focus only on CS:GO we decided to give the opportunity to use their subscription all days! High reward and opportunity to have a fair game and enviroments!


  • HUB: Don’t you find enough tournaments on FACEIT for PUBG? Don’t worry! We restarted our HUB (currently on duo mode) where you can play again 24h/day! But is not all!!! In fact, instead of tournaments and public games (which are full of cheater) here you can play cheater-free and if you find a cheater submit a ticket to us and give us all the details with evidence and we can BAN the player! We would like to create a 100% cheater free enviroment where to play and thanks to the hub we could start this project! We also included prize in the leaderboard and we will create special events dedicated only to hub players in order to give them more and give a new start to this game!
  • Monday SQUADWednesday DUOFriday SOLO: This month the map is SANHOK, we will work with all players in order to try to improve the full experience plus we start a public registry of cheater in order to prevent future admission. We have already removed the cheating and teaming from the leaderboard thanks to the review of game replay and demo but we are noticing that is not enough and for this reason we want to do more! Help us, report cheaters and teaming episodes and we will try to give you a better experience!


  • Wednesday and Sunday 1vs1 : no many changes compare to the previous month but we are thinking to add more activities, so stay tuned to discover what is coming.

Finally speaking about the activities out of FACEIT:

Gazoom inc.

We would like to introduce our partner GAZOOM inc.! Gazoom is an Overwolf extension that records automatically the most importat events in each game and it does all without affecting the pc performance! We would like to invite all our players to download and install GAZOOM clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/gazoomxbro

Why is it very suggested and important? Because we are working really close to the Gazoom team and we will use the gazoom records to register results, create highlights of games/tournaments and most important we will use the clip to ban all cheaters!

Do you want to discover more about Gazoom X BRo Academy? Join our discord at https://discord.gg/Cb84k4g and ask all questions that you want in the channel #support we will be more than happy to answer you!

Support US

Last but not less important: BRo Academy Ltd is requiring a lot of work for all the staff to be able to run all the activities and to support all the players! We would like to remember you that you can support us for free if you do a Twitch subscription on our twich channels https://twitch.tv/broacademy.

You can also support us via a PayPal donation at http://paypal.me/daryo89

Finally you can support us buying our merchandising product or the “SUPPORT US” in the store at https://daryo89.com/negozio/ or through all subscription available on the website!

“Support my stream” by BRo Academy

This is a new program developed by BRo Academy in order to help the new streamers to get visibility and all the old streamers to get their communities involved in something new! All details are coming soon …. stay tuned!!!