BRo Academy VALORANT Summer CUP Edition 1

Posted by Daryo89 11 July 2021 in Tournament

Hello Agents!

We have GREAT news for all of you!

We are happy to announce the BRo Academy VALORANT SUMMER CUP Edition 1!


What is the BRo Academy VALORANT SUMMER CUP Edition 1?

BRo Academy Summer Cup is the beginning of a series of events branded BRo Academy Ltd for VALORANT with high rewards for all levels of players.

Before talking more of this event we need to add this important disclamer: This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or VALORANT Esports.

For this events we dedicated a STEAM BALANCE of 150£ and 40.000 Faceit points equal to 100£.

This is an open tournament in which all players from EUW can join, no minumum rank and/or experience are required!

In order to join each team, you need to have 2 subscriptions to BRo Academy! You can buy them directly on Faceit at or you can buy them at sale price HERE

The subscription will allow you to join to this CUP, to the second edition of the Summer CUP (August ) and to the Premium Leaderboard for August sponsored by …… Sorry it is a surprise! Ahahaha we will reveal the Sponsor during this CUP!

How the prizepool will be allocated?

The prizepool will be allocated as followed:

  • 1st Place: 100£ STEAM Balance
  • 2ns Place: 50£ STEAM Balance
  • 3rd and 4th Place: 10.000 Faceit points per team
  • From 5th to 8th Place: 5.000 Faceit points per team

To redeem the steam balance, the captain of the team needs to contact BRo Academy Ltd on and follow the instruction.

The Faceit points will be delivered in automatic by Faceit 24-48h after the end of the competition (ETA 30/07/2021 @ 21.00 BST)

How it will work?

The BRo Academy VALORANT Summer CUP Edition 1 will be a Single Bracket Tournament with BO1. The Final will be a BO3.

The competition will be managed thanks to our partner FACEIT.

Registrations are OPEN and they will close on Tue 27th Jul 2021, 13:00 BST.

The bracket will be published immediately after closing the registrations.

Game will start Tue, 27 Jul 2021, 15:00 BST

At the start of tournament, all teams will be invited on matchroom on faceit in which the captains will start with the vote of the map. The team that DID NOT PERFORM the last ban will decide the side ( att – def). In the game, the captain will create custom match, all details on RULES.

Will you stream the event?

YES! We will select one match for each round and we will cast and stream the event but, if you are interested in casting and/or streaming the event we advise you to contact us on

IF YOU ARE A PLAYER REGISTERED TO THE COMPETITION you can stream the event without any problem, we request you to add a delay of 45 seconds in order to prevent streamsnipering and to add the tag #broacademy into the title of the streaming.

The stream of the event, will be streamed on our Official Twitch Channel.

What is the Official Channel for communication?

The Official channel for communication is our discord server at the link: .

For the competition we invite all teams to use our teamspeak server at the link:

We will create a dedicated channel for each team registered to the tournament.

How can I contact BRo Academy?

Nothing more easy than that! You can:

  • Email us to:
  • Join discord and send your question into the channel “support”
  • Send a discord DM to Daryo89#8285