April…. Yes, I know I’m late BUT…

Posted by Daryo89 7 April 2021 in AnnouncementsTournament

Ehehehe I know that I’m late BUT I’m coming with a lot of news!!!

As usual this is our banner for a recap:

Perfect! we can now eplain in details:

2 Giveaway:

  • 12th-18th April 2021 -> 10£ Valorant Gift Card!
  • 26th April – 2nd May 2021 -> 10£ Steam Gift Code

Recruitment OPEN for Moderator and Admin Competition:

YES!!! It is true and for the first time BRo Academy Ltd will open the door to a relevant position to all the community!

The first step of course will be TRIAL MOD, in this way we can start to meet you and learn about yourself, step by step we will collect feedback from the community and if your reputation will increase you will be promoted to MODERATOR!!!!

Are you looking to be a competition admin? Well this is a very important roles so the application to do it will be the same as trial moderator and infact after been promoted as moderator you can be elegible to move to the admin team! As said this is a very important role that require responsability both from you and for us and for the fairness to all and mostly to our partner we need to make sure that you are an example for the community and this is the reason why to achieve this role you need to “work a little bit” before achieving it

Link for application: https://forms.gle/P5U2PgGLWHVT6Lhb9 if you want more information about it you can send an email at info@broacademy.it

2x Streaming Day For Valorant

Nothing less and nothing more of what the title is saying! We will dedicate two days to the streaming of the Valorant Europe Division HUB powered by FACEIT !

For the streaming days there will be a dedicated leaderboard and prize!

Finally We would like to remember that join the hub is free! Official Language is English

Affiliation Program for Streamer

It is very easy! YOU promote us and our activities? Well we will promote you on all our channels!

If you want to discover more contact us on discord at https;//discord.gg/Cb82k4g

And for the game? What is coming?


Valorant Europe Division: 3 DIvision that will develop your skill and your competive attitude! We are at the present working on the DIVISION 3 in order to match the level in game to the level on faceit so please join and play also if you feel that the level of the game is lower. By May we will open the DIVISION 2 reserved to the high skill players.

Valorant weekly tournament: Each Sunday there will be the BRo Academy Valorant CUP with 15.000 Faceit point as prizepol 🙂


1vs1 HUB: Do you want enjoy>? DO you want to train only in your AIM? This is the correct place but be carful! If you not respect the rules and abuse you will be penalized!

Monday 1 VS 1 Tournament : Each Monday BRo Academy will host a premium tournamnet with 10.000 Faceit points reserved to subscribers.

Tuesday 5 VS 5 Tournament : 16 team, high pool map and only 1 minutes to vote! No waste time only for CS:GO Lovers!

Thursday 2 VS 2 WINGMAN Tournament : Fast, funny and uncommon! This is our 2vs2 WINGMAN! 64 team that will play for a special competition where ” 2 is stronger than 5″

Friday 2vs2 AIM: If on Monday you play alone in the aim competition on Friday you can play with your best friend!

Saturday 5vs5 Tournament : Have you seen and liked the Tuesday event? Well why are you not playing the saturday tournament with more team?

BIG NEWS: We are finally planning to stream our CS:GO Events!!!! The first trial will see the streaming of the raw format of the game ( high quality, no casting) and by MAY we will professionally broadcast our tournament!!!!


HUB: Do you wanna play PUBG on FACEIT? Join our hub and plan the match with all people there! You need 16 player to start a faeit match!

Monday SQUAD: Classic tournament, same fun as always! We change the map each month! Do you want to suggest the map for May? send us a message!

Wednesday DUO : Small map big fun! This is what is coming with our Wednesday DUO Tournament !

FRIDAY SOLO : End of the week is coming and player start to strive for the week end but before you go…. why not play our Friday solo?

Join our activities at https://bit.ly/FacebrO