AIM HUNTER Tournament : 1° Edition!

Posted by Daryo89 27 April 2021 in Tournament

Hello Agents!

Welcome to our first AIM HUNTER tournament!

What is AIM Hunter? Is it the brand new format where you will play ALL VS ALL in a deathmatch on the brand new map of BREEZE!!!!

How will work?

Allowed ONLY 30 player for this first edition they will be divided in 3 group of 10 player each! You will play a single match and at the end the top 6 will go to Round 2.
Do you think to be safe? Absolutly NO! At round 2 the situation will be more complicated: BIG MAP LESS PLAYER in fact each lobby now will have ONLY 6 players. The top 3 will access to the final ROUND 3.

Round 3 is where the best player will start the real fight! One lobby with the 9 player left from the three group will fight over 3 match with one only and simple mission: GET MORE KILL OF ALL THE OTHER OPPONENT!

The winner will be our first AIM HUNTER and will receive a RIOT GIFT CARD of 15£!

Registration fee?

Yes, for this event due to the number very restricted of player we added a registration fee of 1£ in order that ONLY player really interest in it will join! Can we do overbook? NO if you have a ticket you have a slot secured! But if we sold out all the slot do not worry because we will open the “waiting list” for the next events!

How can I register?

In order to register to the tournament you “must” complete the following steps:

  1. Buy the tournament ticket at the price of 1£ each on There are only 30 tickets available! (The ticket is not refundable and it is not possible to resell it)
  2. Copy the order Number
  3. ON DISCORD: Send a Direct Message to Daryo89 with the following information:
    a. Order Number:
    b. Discord nickname: (nick#1234)
    c. Riot ID: (nick#1234)
    d. Logo: you can insert your logo
    e. Name on the order:
    f. Email: please add the same email used to buy the ticket in order to
    verify the access.
    g. Ingame rank: (gold, diamond, platinum etc)
  4. Wait for the confirmation of the completed registration ( it can take from 30 minutes to 24 hours)
  5. When the registration is completed, you will receive the role in discord with AIM HUNTER and your “team” (YOU) will be registered/visible on the website inside the competition.

Dowe have a schedule time?

The event will start at 20:30 on 15th May 2021 ( be on time to play your match ) Live Streaming on BRo Academy official channel (
26 April 2021:
Registrations Opened
15 May 2021
• 18:00: Registrations Closed
• 18:30: Publishing Group & Players Allocation
20:30: Start streaming

Group A approximate starting time: 21:00 ( join lobby 20:55 )
Group B approximate starting time: 21:20 ( join lobby 21:15 )
Group C approximate starting time: 21:40 ( join lobby 21:35 )

Group A approximate starting time: 22:00 ( join lobby 21:55 )
Group B approximate starting time: 22:20 ( join lobby 22:15 )
Group C approximate starting time: 22:40 ( join lobby 22:35 )

Final Group – 1st match approximate starting time: 23:00 ( join lobby 22:55 )
Final Group – 2nd match approximate starting time: 23:15
Final Group – 3rd match approximate starting time: 23:30

Final Ranking and nomination of the Winner ( 23:45 )
Final “just chatting” with the players and viewers and thanks ( 23:50 )

Do you need more information?

Here there is the document with all the information and rules, you can download it and if you have any dubt just drop us a mail on

LINK to the document: “CLICK HERE”

UPDATE: BRo Academy CUP May 2021

We insert the AIM Hunter Tournament inside the brand new BRo Academy CUP!

In addition of the prizepool planned for this event the TOP 3 players of the final leadederboard will collect:
1st PLACE: 10 points
2nd PLACE: 6 points
3rd PLACE: 3 points

This is a very a good point where collect point for our monthly cup!